Derby Carlson
Executive Staff

Aries: It’s a Wednesday night. The fog has rolled in and an owl hoots every few seconds. You walk by the dead remains of ATO on your way to BOGO. A shiver runs down your spine. Death lingers here. Leave before you become one of the fallen.

Taurus: If Pisces invites you for a night walk on the Perimeter Trail… don’t trust them. Something — maybe someone — looms in your future. Maybe an axe? The end is near.

Gemini: It’s nighttime. You’re walking through the cemetery. Something brushes against your leg. A mouse? You jump and squeal a little bit, looking down. No mouse. You sigh in relief and keep walking. Something brushes against your leg again. You look down and your heart stills. A hand without a body grabs onto your ankle.

Cancer: You’re late to class. So, you decide to take a shortcut through a frat house. It’s empty. Light streams in through the windows. An empty beer can sits on a table. Something makes a grunt behind you. You’re not supposed to be here.

Leo: You are walking back from watching a sunset from Morgan’s Steep. When you get to the mouth of Abbo’s Alley, all light gets sucked out as if a void exists at the bottom of the hill. You raise your hand, and unless you knew it was raised in front of your face, you wouldn’t have known it was there. Something breathes down your neck.

Virgo: You wind up in the basement of a frat house. In front of you sits an old goblet. The urge to drink from it and say some Latin is strong. You pick up the goblet and take it with you. Devious lick.

Libra: It’s the week before Halloween, and you need to get all your work done before the weekend. You head up to the 3rd floor of DuPont and start grinding it out. You work non-stop for hours. When you get up to leave, the doors are locked. You’re stuck and all alone. A book thuds to the ground behind you. You’re not alone.

Scorpio: It’s two o’clock. You’re walking to Fiji from Gailor. It smells like Death takes smoke breaks out behind Clurg. You turn and a dark, smokey figure stands and stares at you. No one looks at Death and lives to tell the tale.

Sagittarius: A transfer student asks to be shown Templeton Library. Like a good Sewanee student, you drive until the two of you are staring at the flesh-colored statue. Its flesh-colored lids blink back.

Capricorn: All Saints. All Hallows Eve. You cut through the church to get to ‘Clurg. All the lights are out, and an organ softly plays. No one sits at the console. A book slams to the ground, and you turn to see that it’s an ancient-looking bible. It’s opened to some verse in Revelation. You need to leave.

Aquarius: It’s Friday. Classes are over for the weekend. You get an email from a professor: URGENT! COME TO GAILOR IMMEDIATELY! You just got your mid-term grades back and — eek! — so, you run to the building. You slowly walk to your professor’s office, and footsteps echo behind you. You turn around and no one is there. Were you lured?

Pisces: You invite Taurus to go on a night walk on the Perimeter Trail. You both are having a great time, trading jokes with one another. Then, someone else maniacally laughs behind you. Is that the crack of a twig? Run now.