What’s the Tiger Doin’?

Eva Monahan

Features Editor

This past foggy Friday, The Purple decided to meet with the Sewanee Tiger for a very professional Q&A session regarding some pressing issues on campus.

How are you feeling today, Tiger?

Oh y’know, it’s foggy on the mountain. I’m feeling like I’m fitting right in. It’s a great day to be Bishop Fog here.

What’s the Tiger’s favorite sport right now?

Right now it’s gotta be badminton. It’s a little hard for my paws to grasp the racquet but I’m getting better at it. I just try to lodge the racquet in between my two fingers–I only have four fingers on each paw. I’m all for the hustle. 

What’s your favorite dance move you like to pull out?

I really like…The Shopping Cart. It’s where you get to put a paw above and reach up for something in the aisle and put it back. It’s one of my favorites.

What does the Tiger think about McClurg food right now?

Oh, y’know, the Tiger would love to see some more lasagna. That would be absolutely incredible, but breakfast always hits–especially when there’s pancakes. The Tiger would love to see some chicken that is fully cooked? But the Tiger is feeling better about that..It’s had a little more flavor, which has been delightful. 

Does the Tiger have any Garfield in them, with the lasagna thing?

No. Unrelated. Not even friends.The Tiger knows Garfield. The Tiger is not friends with Garfield.

Did something happen between the Sewanee Tiger and Garfield?

We can’t speak of it…Cat fight.

What does the Tiger like to do in their freetime?

Y’know, I really love to just prance about, frolic, if you will. Specifically through Abbo’s Alley. I like to make appearances to frighten other people, but also to keep people on their toes. Gotta be eager and ready to act. Love to read a good book. Recently I’ve been into David Sedaris. Always have Mary Oliver in the back of my mind. Working on trying to improve my badminton skills. Working on trying to run in these…Paws. 

Would you say you have bad mittens?

(gasps and sighs) I would say that. 

Are you in Greek life?

No. GDI.

What sorority or fraternity do you frequent, if any?

Well, I frequent Kappa Delta, and I also frequent. Hm, y’know Delt’s a fun one. I love a good Chi Psi porch moment. I also love just wondering about, listening to the noises of the night.

How does it feel to be the icon of the university?

Y’know, it’s exhausting. I never get to rest. Everywhere I go, someone asks me to sign my autograph, but I can’t even hold a pen. So often I just keep to myself when I’m out and about, but people just want this enthusiastic tiger, but I mainly just want to stay in the church. Y’know, Bishop Foggy. 

Are you from Tennessee or some jungle far away?

Born and raised in a Tennessee cave. I grew up lapping water from the ATO spring. Sewanee runs through me, literally and metaphorically. 

Do you come from a long line of tiger mascots, or are you the only famous one in your family?

Y’know there are other famous tiger mascots, but I believe I am of a different breed. I haven’t done the DNA test but that’s what I feel in my soul. 

Do you have a den somewhere on campus?

Yes. It’s a secret. 

Can we get a hint as to its location?

There are lots of rocks nearby. 

For our final question, can you give us your best rawr?

Rrawr. That took me 20 or so years to cultivate. I’ve even taken vocal lessons with our own Dr. Ginger.

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