Sit and Spill with SGA

Everett Ackley

Contributing Writer

On the last day of August, the Student Government Association (SGA) had its first Sit and Spill of the year. Among those in attendance were notable figures such as the Associate Director of Sewanee Dining, Retail Dining Operations & Communications, Caroline Thompson, and SGA President Claire Langford (C ’24), in addition to other SGA Officers. SGA described Sit and Spill as “an open conversation with all students where we hope to hear any questions or concerns regarding any campus issues.” Here’s what you need to know!

  • A new mobile app called GET Mobile can now be used to view current allotted Domain Dollars and to order from Stirling’s Coffee House. It takes all the features of and puts them into an easily accessible mobile app. Instructions for download can be found at this link
  • Construction on the new Biehl Commons is expected to finish this year and the restaurant to open by January 2024. Some are apprehensive of business shifting away from well-known campus restaurants to the new eatery. Students can expect a billiards table, a table tennis table, and an event space for student organizations. Biehl Commons will primarily be under the direction of the Office of Student Involvement. 
  • New outdoor seating at Stirling’s Coffee House and duPont Library should be expected. Colors and styles are still being debated, but do not be surprised if you spot brightly-colored Adirondack chairs popping up around campus. 
  • Thompson stressed the importance of informing dining staff about potential problems. She often peruses the popular social media Yik Yak for dining feedback and pointed out that students are more likely to discuss issues online rather than confront dining staff. In one instance, she read a particularly concerning post that commented on the chocolate milk being unusually distasteful. After checking on the milk, she discovered it indeed had a repugnant scent and flavor and had it immediately replaced. She urges students to utilize the QR Codes on the napkin boxes that lead to an anonymous form to leave feedback, especially in such severe cases. Praise and criticism are both welcome.
  • A student voiced the concern that the allocated Flex Dollars were not keeping up with the rising prices of campus restaurants. Thompson answered this explaining that the Flex Dollar allowance is controlled by the Financial Office. She said a partial reason behind the rising prices is that many of the funds going into community businesses are not recovered by the University.

Sit and Spill meetings are currently planned to occur every two weeks on Thursdays. More up-to-date information can be found on the Corq mobile app and online on Engage. SGA encourages students to attend and share any questions or concerns they may have regarding campus issues.

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