Peer Health Community Scream

Everett Ackely

Contributing Writer

If you heard a chorus of screams at 8:28 p.m. on Thursday, September 14, you may have been momentarily concerned. However, this was the Peer Health Community Scream event which takes place at random times during the year to help relieve stress and foster a community of safety and encourage healthy habits. 

According to the Peer Health Engage page, a major goal of the organization is to “promote health and wellness at a mental, physical, and social level,” as well as “host…events each month centered around the various interests of the organization’s members and the needs of the Sewanee community pertaining to health and wellness.” Catherine Collett (C ’24), a peer health educator and co-director, said the Community Scream fulfills this by giving “students an opportunity to scream loud enough to release some stress in an environment where it is socially acceptable.” 

This event originally started in late 2020 as a way to release frustrations over the quarantine isolation and other changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. These Community Screams have continued ever since, after being successfully received by the campus community, with varying themes such as election night, Earth Day, midterms, and finals.

These events are expected to continue at random times throughout the year, though they are reliably held during midterms and finals weeks. Look out for posters and on social media for upcoming dates.

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