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Lunar Eclipse Halloween

Camilla Hipp

Staff Writer

Things are getting a little deeper this month, Aries. This is a good time to balance your
investments, physical and esoteric. Who do you owe, and who owes you? Everything is a
mystery anyways.

What have you been working on for what feels like a long time, Taurus? You worry that even though you have been dedicating yourself to something, nothing is really coming out of it. What you do daily makes you who you are.

You have been getting comfortable with your everyday life, Gemini. It may be time to do
something new and get out there more. You may meet a fun group of people, and notice how the little things make you more creative.

This season is one of the most fun times of the year for you, Cancer. You are figuring out what makes you stand out in the crowd, and how to do things your way. This makes you all the more attractive to the people around you.

Okay, so you have figured out you are Cancer, but now what? Reflect on how you got here, and who supported you along the way. Call your family. Go downtown by yourself.

Time to shake it up, Virgo. Breaking out of usual habits and learning something new may
change your mind. A beautiful light is shining on you right now, refract it and go out of the

Giving to others is your love language, Libra. That may be through gifts, but you give what you work for. Business contracts and working with partners may appear to enhance your value. Collaboration gets you further sometimes.

Happy birthday season, Scorpio! Dark and light exist side by side. Reach out and connect with others, it will help you figure out what you have been looking for.

Have you been thinking a lot, Sagittarius? Old habits die hard, and how you treat your physical reflects in how well your head feels. Forward movement is jerky… as in two steps forward one step backwards. You got this.

High expectations naturally lead to a bit of disappointment, Capricorn. Let these go and balance it out with some fun. Going out with friends may be helpful, even stirring the pot some. Drama may loosen you up a bit.

Pay a bit more attention this month, Aquarius. Where others have let you down may sting right now. You can hold your own more than you think, and having stable foundations proves in the long run. Peace is granted in new forms.

Roller coaster time, Pisces. Keep your mind flexible and open to creative newness. You may
have been stuck on one thought for a while now. Even just one conversation can change your trajectory.

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