Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

In this issue, I would like to direct your attention to Chris and Melody Piazza’s letter about their son’s tragic and untimely death last year. Their letter about Sam is heart-breaking and important for everyone to read. After it was shared with me, I knew immediately that it should be run on the front page. In my time at Sewanee, there have been too many tragic deaths like his and it takes great strength to do what Mr. and Mrs. Piazza did and share their story in order to educate other students. I greatly appreciate their trust in The Purple to share this story. 

I hope that everyone is taking time to enjoy this last month of the semester. With only one issue left as Editor-in-Chief, I am honored and privileged to have worked with such an amazing team. But we’re not done yet! 

Thank you to the campus and wider community who continue to support us on each issue. 

YSR and EQB,

Rebecca Cole (C ’24)


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