Fall Party police blotter

By Kimberly Williams
Staff Writer

Fall Party weekend is over, the revelries have ended, the alumni have gone home, and all that is left are the police reports that will forever highlight some of the events from Homecoming Weekend.  Once again, thanks to Chief Marie Eldridge from the Sewanee Police Department, Purple can share some of these highlights.

To start, one of St. Luke’s tables was “borrowed” from its usual resting place in the kitchen and used as a table for the DJ at SAE.  It was returned later that night.

Several students were caught shooting off fireworks and later admitted that they had been drinking alcohol to the police.

There were many littering violations and trashed yards.

No arrests were made, which is abnormal for Homecoming Weekend, but there were several during the weekend after Halloween.

A few non-students showed up uninvited to a fraternity house and were caught distributing alcohol to students under 21.  They were arrested for the alcohol distribution and criminal trespassing.

The fire department responded to an alarm from another fraternity house.  Students had been smoking inside and triggered the smoke detectors.

As usual, if you are a witness to a crime or know any information about one that has been committed, please stop by the Sewanee Police Department or call the Sewanee extension 1111.