DuPont Library hosts First Annual Haiku Contest

by Mary Morrison

DuPont Library is hosting the First Annual Sewanee Haiku Contest. Entries are due February 28. The ten best poems will be distributed in fortune cookies in the library and McClurg Dining Hall. The top two haiku writers will receive gift certificates to Crossroads Café or Yamato.

Photo courtesy of library.sewanee.eduHaikus must be Sewanee focused but writers can be flexible with the traditional format: five-syllable line, a seven-syllable line, and a five-syllable line. A great six syllable line could still win the contest. However, for a poem to fit in a fortune cookie, haikus must be less than 70 characters, including spaces.

Haikus can be about any aspect of Sewanee life. From the food served in the pub or McClurg, to the beauty of the Cross. The Library only asks that you “keep it clean and Sewanee-centric please!”

You could write about
The Sewanee Purple or
Something else you love.

Turn poems in online
On the library website
Also in person

Crossroads Café and
Yamato are both really
Delicious prizes

All haikus will be
Displayed in the library
Why not submit one?

Submit your haiku.
You could even win a prize
Due the twenty-eighth.

Are haikus about
Haiku contests able to win?
I really hope so.