Sportsmen clean Lake Trez

by Kathleen Richter
Staff Writer

The Sportsmans House represents students who are interested in hunting and fishing. On March 8, the Sportmans House organized a clean up of Lake Trez. Fishing in the lake seems to be full of surprises since the quirkiest things can be found in the dirty lake. Chi Psi and the surrounding dormitories, Trez and Courts are partially responsible for the trash in the lake. While cleaning up the lake, a student from one of the dorms threw a beer can in the lake in front of the volunteers.

The volunteers found beer cans as well as bottles of all different kinds, like a gigantic plastic rabbit, a beer can from the 80’s, couch cushions which were totally waterlogged, and much more. With waders and many trash bags the team of eight peoplecleaned up the lake in less then an hour. Severaltrash bags were filled with clutter and debris. The Sportsmans House is hoping to use Lake Trez as a place for fishing. They are hopingto receive a new themed house next year. Until then they keep organizing events like the Saturday’s fly fishing session whichthey offered to Sewanee students at the beach of Lake Cheston for beginners and advanced fishers.

Next to a wild game tasting, the guys played the banjo, guitar, and harmonica to create the right summer afternoon flair on the little beach of Lake Cheston. Fishing rods were prepared for interested students who did not have the equipment or who were interested in learning to fly fish. Patiently and expertly, the guys explained the sport of fishing.

Those who are interested in fishing or hunting should get in contact with the Sportsman club.