Alles ist gut at Frühlingsfest

By Sam Scott

Staff Writer

The German House kicked off spring party with a very German party that included German food, German beer, German music, and German students. The evening proved a fitting fusion of cultures, as the House cooked up bratwurst and other German dishes for a Southern-style cookout. German students, professors and lovers of top-quality (and free!) food all appeared at this highly attended event. “Es freut mich sehr (it makes me very happy) that we had such an excellent turnout!” says Daniel Myers (C’16). “We Germans are very festive people and to us, the more people that come to our events, the better! I would also like to thank everyone who came to the festival and to encourage everyone to attend our future events.”

For instance, you can find these party animals at McClurg’s German table every Tuesday. But this particular event was special for many Sewanee students as it marked the retirement of German Professor James Davidheiser. “It’s a very bittersweet experience,” Davidheiser said. “I had a class this afternoon, we were out on the BC lawn, eleven students in a 400-level literature class… wonderful, talking about that famous novel Steppenwolf…the very end of it. I just leave that class floating on a cloud, it’s so wonderful to discuss great works of literature with such good students.” The Purple wishes Dr. Davidheiser the best of luck in his retirement and extends its hopes that the German House might possibly offer us free food again sometime soon. You know where to find us.