Centre College Colonels win the battle

By Caitlin F. McCarthy

Executive Staff

Saturday, October 18 started promisingly. Tailgates were flowing through the parking lot of Harris Stadium. Parents had turned out from near and far at Hardee-McGee Field to cheer on the Sewanee Tigers as they took on opponents Centre College Colonels. Family weekend was raging, and the Tigers were ready to roar, undeterred by Centre’s 5-0 record. However even the beautiful, sunny day could not promise a football win against the determined Colonels.

From the beginning, the Colonels stopped the Tigers on their first possession.Immediately following this interruption, the Centre quarterback orchestrated a 25 yard drive, leading to a 9 yard Before the Tigers could come to terms with this setback, the Colonels added even more points to their side of the scoreboard, with a 26 yard touchdown pass to end the first quarter.

Yet the determined Tigers were not ready to quit just yet. Kicker Callum Wishart (C’16) connected on a 27 yard field goal. Thanks to Wishart, the Tigers were finally able to make their debut on the scoreboard. Cheers erupted from the stands, the crowd went crazy! The Tigers were making a comeback, much to the delight of doting parents and students alike.

Sadly, this small victory was short lived. Despite valiant efforts by Sewanee defense, Centre scored an additional three times. The Tigers, unable to give up, were defeated on their home turf over Family Weekend. With their tails between their legs, the Tigers gave up the contested match to the Colonels.

Despite the loss, Sewanee still had noteworthy achievements. The O-Line may not have looked successful from the scoreboard – 31-3, Centre Photo courtesy of Sewanee Flickr– but individually many players did notably well. Quarterback Cody Daniel (C’16) was the leader of the game on the Sewanee side with a remarkable 110 passing yards and 74 rushing yards for a total of 184 offensive yards. Wide receiver Charlie Powell (C’15) had 92 yards in kickoff returns. Tiger defense can also boast some individual accomplishments. Defensive back John Cleveland (C’18) punted a total of 211 yards. Lastly, linebacker Emmanuel Bell (C’17) made an impressive 8 tackles. In total, Sewanee out-tackled Centre 66-64.While the outcome of this game was less than ideal, the resilient Tigers are ready to break their five-game losing streak. All fans are invited to cheer on and support the Tigers on November 8, the second to last home game, against Berry College. The Colonels may have won this battle, but the Tigers are ready to finish the season with a roar.