Local chef on the rise

By Issam Bahour

Staff Writer

Noah Gilliam is currently the Omelet Chef at Sewanee’s McClurg Dining Hall. Gilliam hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee and currently has a degree in electronics engineering. At the young age of 24, has risen to local stardom for his kitchen prowess and friendly banter. Gillam has chiseled himself an outstanding reputation here at Sewanee. Gillam is described by many as their favorite employee at McClurg. He loves interacting with students and concocting his own recipes for them: “I’m not going to lie, the work is hard, but I enjoy the fact that you guys give me feedback and I try to implement that in my work,” said Gilliam. Executive Chef Rick Wright has been a great inspiration for Gilliam as he pursues his culinary career. Chef Wright’s words of wisdom have truly inspired Gilliam. “Chef Rick has a quote on his office wall that says, ‘Don’t ever send out food that you wouldn’t put on your own table.’ I go in and I make that a mission.”

One of Gilliam’s creations is known as the Southwestern Omelet. A zesty Latin American twist on the omelet, the Southwestern Omelet features grilled chicken, salsa, shredded cheese, fresh pico de guio, and a special sour cream sauce topping. Such savory concoctions are just the beginning for this young prodigy chef. Working in McClurg Dining Hall is seen by Gilliam as a stepping stone towards his future career goals. Gilliam explains, “This is going to be a career for me. I would love to open my own restaurant at some point in my life.”