Locker Room Talk gives college athletes opportunity to voice opinions

By Keenan Lo

Executive Staff

Many collegiate athletes feel like they do not have a forum to express their opinions about their coaches. Nick Petrella, along with his two friends, Keirsten and Annie, are seeking to change that. The three graduated from Skidmore College in 2013 and founded Locker Room Talk, a website launched in November 2015. Locker Room Talk serves as a rating system of college coaches for these athletes and allows them to express their opinions about their coaches, giving them a voice that they previously did not have. People are able to go online and rate their college coaches, something that previously was not possible. Locker Room Talk started off as a project for a class that these three attended, and they decided to take the idea and run with it. According to Petrella, “We wanted to give college athletes the chance to voice their opinions about their college coaches and their college athletic experience.” This website is the first of its kind. This website, after six months, already has over 2300 reviews of roughly 500 college coaches at about 300 colleges across the country. For the three, this success is great, but they also have several goals for the website. According to Petrella, he hopes that Locker Room Talk gets as many reviews as possible, and also serves as a “go-to website” for potential college recruits and transfers looking to attend a school to be a Student-Athlete. For these three, the hope is that the website will be a success, not just for themselves, but also for the many potential Student-Athletes that use the website. If you have not yet checked out the website, and you are a college athlete, I would suggest checking it out, as the website is easy to use and very functional, and provides athletes with opportunities that they might not otherwise have.